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"As a member of the Kenyan community and a staff member of City of Stirling (working in Herb Graham Recreation Centre, Mirrabooka), I often shop at Mirrabooka Square shopping Centre. I have noticed a tremendous change in the customer service over the last few months. Shop attendants are giving me better customer service – noticing when I walk into the shop, asking if I need assistance and even asking how my day is going. This was not the case before in some of the shops ( I became aware of this as often I would see other customers being treated this way, and I was not…).

I have seen the security officers assisting people and not just following people of multicultural background. There seems to be an awareness on how to treat all the shoppers well."

Eva Mwakichako 
Multicultural Project Officer

I just want to say a BIG thank you to Kyle and Kevin who went all the way to help me find my bike at Rockingham City Shopping Centre.I was at the centre earlier today around lunch today when I found out that my bike was missing.I went blank for a second and thought that perhaps I locked it somewhere else.I walked back inside and the first person I saw was Kyle.He was very concern and took my details and advice me to file a police report.Minutes after Kyle rang me saying that him and Kevin may have found my bike.When I first saw it,I said to Kyle this isn't my bike.But Kyle insist that I take a closer look and yes he was right!it was my bike! i just could not cry because my heart breaks when I saw its condition.Kyle and Kevin soon after insist that I do not cycle home just in case the thief might follow me back.They quickly usher me to the security office because they strongly thought that we are being followed.we pushed the bike through the shopping centre and straight down to the office. I know this is a long story but I must tell you that you have BRILLIANT employees;not only they were quick to respond,but they have good teamwork, brilliant set of eyes and ensured that I am completely safe and sound afterwards.

Abdul Wahab
Patron of Rockingham Shopping Centre

"I just wanted to say that the Security Guards in this centre are best I've seen in any shopping centre. They have helped on numerous occasions and gone above and before. They have always come when they have been called and if busy they came as soon as they can. I really appreciate them all and so do my staff."

Lina B.
Store Manager
Mirrabooka Square

"Our sincere thanks for the help yesterday in regards to the Emergency replacement of one of our ovens. A very special thanks to your Security team that were Polite, Professional and Helpful far beyond the call of duty. To all a Sincere THANK YOU!"

Claus Paulus
Senior Executive Manager

"My daughter works at Bucking Bull in the food court and today, Saturday 3/5/14 she cut herself and was feeling very faint. Your two security guards Geoff and Mike were fantastic. They helped me get her safely to my car and provided me with advice on how to treat her wound. A big thank you to you both, it was very much appreciated, you made a stressful situation much easier to handle"

Michelle H.
Patron of Ocean Keys Shopping Centre